BTS’ Releases The First “Butter” Concept Clip Teaser Poster

BTS announced the release of their new single set to drop on 21st May. They then shared a schedule for the release and today 1st May 2021, the first teaser poster for the concept clip was released.

The poster has 7 photos that are largely retro or vintage theme inspired, from the colors to the textures.

First teaser photo

The photos in the collection comprise of yellow smiley ballons, a toast of bread with a heart shape next to a fork and butter knife. There are party poppers with scattered pieces of confetti hearts, a glass half filled with juice that looks like strawberry juice, a camera lies next to unrolled film.

In another photo frame there is a cup of gummies that are split, broken lollipop and the frames are completed by arrows that connect each of the photo frames.

Everything BTS does is always connected and has deeper meanings than just the face value of it. Their entire discography is an interconnected storyline that you need to start from the beginning to understand the present. This whole “Butter” teaser is like a puzzle that needs to be unveiled until the day of the release.

The schedule has officially kicked off

ARMY have already started coming up with theories of what each item could mean and connecting the images with various past images.

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