BTS’ FILA ‘RUNNER’S INSTINCT : NEURON’ Ad – SUGA ver. “New Rhythm For Running”

FILA just released their latest BTS SUGA’s ver. for FILA ‘RUNNER’S INSTINCT: NEURON’ ad campaign (Impulse)

SUGA is a natural when it comes to being infront of the camera, all the angles that the camera captures are perfect and filled with the mood of the moment. In the ad campaign he gives off this solid “I’m sexy and I know it” kind of vibes that speak of I know you want to know more about what I’m selling to you, just give on and buy it, you’ll be happier for it. His poses and movement are both calculated in the slightest manner that its as natural as breathing. Completely embodying his “New Rhythm For Running” tagline

The BTS rapper’s version has a set with speaker and a midi that SUGA can be seen playing on. This is probably an ode to his producing and love for all things musical instruments.

Watch the full ad below

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