21 Days til’ 21st May BTS’ Butter Challenge – May 1 (D21) “Favorite RUN BTS Episode”

Twitter user @yoontermelon (yoontermelon) has started a challenge, yoontermelon wrote, “Come and join me do this small game challenge I made called “21 Days ‘til 21st May” wherein we’ll post given challenges below as countdown for BTS’ New Single ‘Butter’!” and since I love challenges, I decided to take part in it as we wait for the new single that looks to be a hit! I have done one challenge before, during BTS j-hope’s birthday and it was so fun. The challenge is starting today 1st May up until 21st May when BTS’ new single “Butter” will be released.

Day 1 challenge is “Favorite RUN BTS Episode” My favorite RUN BTS episode was Episode 132, where the members would be water bombed if they say or do actions that are the forbidden word, then Jungkook figured it out and kept using it! He was too cute! #BTSIsComing #ButterIsComing #BTS_Butter BTS Butter D(Day)

The challenge on Twitter

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