ARMYs Gets Emotional Bringing Back Memories of BTS’ First Ever Historical Win at The Billboard Music Awards in 2017

In May 21st 2017, history was made! BTS overtook pop superstars like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez to earn their very first Billboard Music Awards for “Top Social Artist award” That was the beginning of their world domination as they went on to win up to the 2020 “Top Social Artist Award” This year 2021, BTS have been nominated in four categories including for the very first time,” Top Song Sales Artist” and “Top Selling Song (Dynamite)” which has been topping charts and breaking records. BTS now becomes the most nominated Korean act in Billboard Music Awards history (10 nominations)

Fans who have been following BTS’ journey ever since they broke into the western market are feeling emotional to see how far the members have come, they had made history as the first K-pop act to be nominated at the Billboard Music Awards and then went ahead to win the “Top Social Artist” award from Justine Bieber who had been reigning with the award for over 6 years. From 2 nominations to 4 nominations, BTS have really come from far, now the superstars are dominating the world and they have just started!

Watch their behind the scenes video, getting ready for the awards

Congratulations BTS!

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