‘Biker Jungkook’ Returns in BTS JUNGKOOK’s ver. for FILA “RUNNER’S INSTINCT: NEURON” Ad Campaign

BTS’ Jungkook is fearless, fearlessly beautiful, fearlessly stunning no matter what.

FILA just released their latest JUNGKOOK’s ver. for FILA ‘RUNNER’S INSTINCT: NEURON’ ad campaign and he is bringing back memories of his last FILA ad where he literally broke the internet with his visuals! In the “Fearless, No Matter The Course” ad, Jungkook incorporates his immaculate dance skills together with his charming personality that shines through making you want to watch him more. The BTS main vocalist truly embodies “Fearless, No Matter What” both in the ad and in his daily life as an artist.

Jungkook’ space is occupied by a motorbike that gives off that biker fantasy that many fans had been editing and they were happy to have their wishes fulfilled even if Jungkook was not riding the motorbike. And we all know that he can ride a motorbike if he wanted, he is the golden maknae after all, a man of many talents that we love to see!


Watch the full ad

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