BigHit Music Has Released BTS’ “Butter” Promotion Schedule, Here Are The Important Dates To Mark on Your Calendar

The schedule for BTS’S second all English single “Butter” has been released!

The month of May is jam packed starting from 1st. BTS really is going out of their way to keep the anticipation for the release of their upcoming single. By the time 21st May comes along, fans will have been waiting with bated breath and be excited for the actual date the song drops! According to this schedule, starting with the first concept clip on May 2nd, four concept clips will be released sequentially, one every day on the 4th to 6th. The first teaser photo on May 10th and 12-14th, the second teaser photo on the 17th, and “Butter” official music video teaser on the 19th are prepared. And on May 21st, the long-awaited single and official music video for “Butter” will be released to the world at the same time at 1 pm.

Here is the schedule for “Butter”

  • 01/5 11AM EST 02/5 00AM KST – Concept clip teaser photo
  • 03/5 11AM EST 04/5 00AM KST – Concept clip
  • 04/5 11AM EST 05/5 00AM KST – Concept clip
  • 05/5 11AM EST 06/5 00AM KST – Concept clip
  • 09/5 11AM EST 10/5 00AM KST – Teaser photo 1
  • 11/5 11AM EST 12/5 00AM KST – Teaser photo 1
  • 12/5 11AM EST 13/5 00AM KST – Teaser photo 1
  • 13/5 11AM EST 14/5 00AM KST – Teaser photo 1
  • 16/5 11AM EST 17/5 00AM KST – Teaser photo 2
  • 18/5 11AM EST 19/5 00AM KST – “BUTTER” Official MV teaser
  • 21/5 00AM EST 21/5 12PM KST – “BUTTER” Release, “BUTTER” official MV

Mark your calendars ARMY!

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