BTS’ ‘RUNNER’S INSTINCT : NEURON’ FILA Ad Campaign Is Stunning! Doing Things To The Mind

BTS have collaborated once again with FILA for their latest ad campaign titled, “FILA performance shoes project”.

FILA announced their first ever collaboration with BTS back in 2019 where the sportswear giant shared an image from its first BTS campaign shoot. In the photo, the seven members V, Jungkook, RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope and Jimin were shown in a mix of classic white T-shirts and hoodies with Fila’s linear logo.

The looks were meant to coincide with BTS’ personal style, which is harmonious but allows for individuality among the boys. Fila rolled out a complete ad campaign in January 2020. The ads appeared internationally across Fila stores, brand websites and social media channels. From then BTS have had many ad campaigns with FILA almost every other month.

Their latest ad campaign features BTS in various poses showing off the shoes and the visuals, the visuals of the members are top notch!

Fans are loving the latest campaign, mostly for very different reasons, but they would still love to own the shoes being presented by the seven members. Some of the comments on the ad on FILA’s YouTube channel

  • BTS is the only reason we watch the commercials instead of skipping them! And even search for the ads!
  • If Kim Taehyung isn’t a musician, he’s already the top model in Korea or even being one of the top models in the world. He’s tall, buff with good body proportion, gorgeously handsome, full of charisma and knows the best way to poses for phototaking and videoshooting!
  • Jungkook Isn’t trying to be Prefect. Prefect is trying to be Jungkook
  • Jin and tae in one scene..god FILA you makes ARMY like BUTTER😅😅😅*melting
  • Powerful visual pair, Taehyung and jin. Taehyung handsome and ethereal face combine with Jin hot face and body proportion
  • TaeJin in one frame is hella murderous
  • Jin  and Jimin was merciless  on army
  • That Taehyung and Seokjin two shot frame is visual genius together!! And yes of course, I’m getting these running shoes.
  • Yoongi mi varon
  • Omg, JungKook…Omg all of them. God bless them and their beauty
  • Finally army can imagine jhope stomping them into the ground
  • J-hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooope
  • RM in white is whole universe for me He looks really handsome
  • The only people on earth who go well with “as old as they get, the finer they become”









Watch the full ad

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