BTS Jimin’s The First Korean Soloist to Achieve a Cumulative of 500 Million Streams With Just 4 Tracks

BTS’ Jimin became the first Korean solo act to have a combined of 500M streams on Spotify with just 4 tracks. Jimin achieves this feat in 1,659 days with “Lie,” “Serendipity” Intro and Full Length, and “Filter.” He is also the Most Streamed BTS member under BTS’ discography.

Jimin has 4 solo tracks achieved over 500Million combined streams

★ Filter – 146.4M
★ Serendipity Full Length Edition– 133.9M
★ Intro Serendipity – 86.4M
★ Lie – 133.6M

Total combined streams: 500.3M

‘Congratulations Jimin’, ‘#Jiminie’, ‘#JiminSpotify500M’ and ‘SPOTIFY KING JIMIN’ are all currently trending right now!

#JiminSpotify500M is also now trending #3 in Korea as fans celebrate him surpassing 500M combined streams on Spotify!

Jimin’s solos – “Lie” on Spotify:

▫️Most streamed Korean solo from 2016
▫️First & only solo song from the Wings album to surpass 100M streams
▫️Charted on Global Viral 50 as the only solo & only b-side from the Wings album
▫️8th Most streamed Korean solo song

Congratulations Jimin!

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