“WHAT’S MELTING” Trending at #1 Worldwide After Countdown Clock Appears on BTS BangtanTV Youtube Channel, ARMY Have Theories

BTS have officially sent ARMY into a frenzied panic as they upload a count down timer with a yellow background and what looks like butter and they have captioned the video “What’s Melting” If there is one thing tha fans fear the most is waking up and learning that they have missed something BTS related. They call it “12KST Phobia” owing to the fact that BTS have dropped a lot of surprises at 12am

With the video left to interpretation the term “WHAT’S MELTING” is currently trending at #1 Worldwide with the keywords, “BangatanTV” “ASMR” “What’s happening” among other terms there is so much that is pending from BTS.

BTS have just recently announced their collaboration with global food chain McDonald’s for their new “BTS meal,” campaign even though the date for release is already set, there could be a surprise attack from both parties

BTS also have that Louis Vuitton in house ambassador deal, an ad campaign could be dropping?

There are rumoured comeback from BTS though it’s said to be in late May.

Their Japanese album is set to be released on June, could they be pushing it foward to after the count down?

BTS also have that collaboration for RUN BTS episodes, could it be That?

Or, it could be BTS just playing with us, a belated April fools day maybe? Not really, just the mind trying to come up with any possibility!

So many unanswered questions that is causing ARMY’s minds to run wild with all and any possibilities.

All we can do is wait, which no one is really wiling to wait, accepting fate as is but anxiously chewing on nails about what it could be!

This has also caused ARMY to start coming up with theories about “What could be melting” and their reactions are hilarious

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