HYBE Insight Museum is Set To Open To The Public & Will Feature The “Seven Phases” BTS Exhibition by Artist James Jean

HYBE Insight Museum Located in the HYBE LABELS Building is Set To Open To The Public

HYBE Insight will open on 14th May 2021. It will take up the first 2 subfloors, 4700 sq meters of a space for fans designed to embody HYBE’s new slogan of “We Believe in Music” with a variety of exhibitions & content so visitors can feel the great power & emotion from HYBE’s music.

It will show various content created by HYBE Label artists & stories of the music made by HYBE artists & creators. There’ll also be a space to show the moments of glory of artists & fans and a space where visitors can experience the music w/ their 5 senses.

The opening will be with The “Seven Phases” Exhibition by Artist James Jean. It will from May 14, 2021 to November 14. There will be online reservation for a ticket Get your ticket reservation from http://hybeinsight.com!

BTS’ RM has always been a fan of art and he has been visiting museums whenever he gets the chance. Back in 2019 he visited the exhibition for James Jean and the artist even tweeted the picture of RM next to his art leaving a thank you message for the BTS rapper

RM visiting the James Jean exhibit last year during his birthday.

Inside some of the room in the HYBE Insight Museum. Some of the features include

Upcycling Lab which will feature products such as clothes and accessories worn by the HYBE artists themselves, which will be upcycled by their designers and open to the public.


There are also going to be shops with stunning souvenirs and products! These feature pins, posters or magazines, tote bags and many other things that will be curated by them. 

There will also be various corners and sections dedicated to each artist, and will include several exhibitions that convey their mission of ‘We Believe In Music’. Source

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