“Eat Jin” Trending in Multiple Countries Worldwide After Release of BTS’ Upcoming Single “Butter” Trailer

“Eat Jin” has been trending worldwide after BTS’ release of theit new single coming up on 21st May. As soon. As the countdown trailer, fans started speculating about whether the countdown had anything to do with BTS Jin’s “EAT JIN” where he uses to share on V live meals that he was eating. It has been a long time since Jin has a solo “Eat Jin” session on YouTube or V live and everyone was excited about that possibility coming true.

This was even made more viable by the background noises that could be heard in the trailer with cutlery like sounds coming through.

Eat Jin (originally Kim Seok-jin Eating) is a mukbang show made by BTS Jin himself. At first, he did funny blogs teaching how to cook different meals named as “Jin’s Cooking Diary” Later, he started recording himself eating food.

The first season is a broadcast in which Jin eats large quantities of food. In the second season, he describes the taste of the food. He also starts to do the show via Live stream on VLIVE so he can interact with ARMY. As he ate during the Live stream, Jin read ARMY’s questions and responded to them.

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