BTS RM’s Voice Will Be Used as A Guide in the HYBE Insight Museum, Here’s Why He is Perfect For That Role

The HYBE Insight Museum will open on 14th May 2021. The Museum will feature a variety of exhibitions & content so visitors can feel the great power & emotion from HYBE’s music. As with any museum tour, one needs to have a guide for a seamless, entertaining experience. Visitors will have the pleasure of having one of the BTS members act as a tour guide.

RM’s voice will be used as a guide in the HYBE Insight museum through a device. The ending ‘Docent’ is a title given to people who guide visitors about the contents of a museum. Lucky fans will get the chance to experience the HYBE museum and be priviledged to be led by RM’s soothing voice.

BTS’ RM is perfect for this role. Here are some reasons why

He loves Art

RM always shares his museum visits and he has said that he loves nature and art. Visiting museums calms him and he is usually at peace whenever he is looking at art. He is also a collector of art and not just paintings or drawings, even sculptures. So we can say that he would be feeling right at home inside the museum.

He visits Museums

Last year alone, RM visited many museums whenever he got the chance. Which means he enjoys being inside a museum and can probably spend hours in the museum just looking at art and probably analyzing and theorizing what the artist was thinking or feeling while working on the art. So it will not be like a chore for him to be in the museum but a moment that he will cherish every bit of.

HE Has an 1Q of 148

It is well known that RM is intelligent and has proved it time and again, whether it be on game shows, their RUN BTS episodes or even everyday conversations, who can forget when he calculated the years that he has had his maple story account in seconds leaving Jimin and Jin awed. His love for detailed information makes him perfect because he will always have an answer to anything you might be wondering about the art. He will or has probably read many art related books so he will have an answer when you need one.

He is a lyricist

When you are on tour, the last thing you want is a boring voice/guide who will just give you the bare facts or facts that you would have googled and gotten easily. RM’s writing prowess will make every explanation he is giving you feel like he is writing a song, he normally speaks fast when talking so it feels like he is rapping. Who would not want to be enchanted by RM’s dialogue about art and everything else?

He speaks like he is writing poetry

Whenever you listen to RM speak especially when he is giving speeches or at the end of concerts, somehow you forget that the time is about to end because his words are always full of comfort. He makes you feel like even though you are saying goodbye, it will not be the last time you will be seeing each other. His words are full of meaning and are always deliberate.

He has a deep voice

Honestly who would not want to listen to RM talk for hours on end? RM’s voice is captivating and inviting and you find yourself wanting to listen some more to what he has to say. Whether the language be Korean, Japanese or English, his deep voice is simply magnificent.

He loves to think deep and analyze

RM is a deep thinker who always finds meaning in every little thing. Even Jungkook said that he loves RM’s brain because he does not look at the world the way everybody else does, you might be looking at a lamp together but he is seeing the different angles that that lamp can be perceived. RM’s conversions are always engaging and mesmerizing even if he is speaking about something so simple

His dimples

It doesn’t hurt that the man has cute dimples that you would disappear in if you stare too long. Having a guide that is cute isn’t so bad now is it? Though not sure whether he will be giving tour guides physically, which would be a plus! still, cute dimples!

All those who will be lucky enough to visit the museum will certainly have a great time reliving the memories of the artists and learn as well

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