BTS MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E CONCEPT PHOTOBOOK Preview cuts CLUE VER. [SHADOW], Inspires This Orange Poetry Work

BTS’ Map Of The Soul ON:E Concept Photobook preview cuts clue ver. [SHADOW] has inspired this untitled Orange themed poem.

When the world stops and the earth is covered by orange hues, dark skies give way to golden dawns. Black night sky the complete illusion of wintery evenings and summer blessings. A dark stare willed with wonder, the innocence of a soft smile without giving way to the longing. The heart beat of a rain fall on a grass blade, every dawn singing with majesty, which can behold such fiery beauty. For without loss, without love, without whispers, the world would not go to sleep without music. An entanglement of personas by an orange blossom breeds contentment.

Whiskers of itching fingers that create melodious beats and perfect resonance, to the earth’s core that is at the very least the lost love we seek. Orange hues covered in dark skies, give way to sleepy sunrises. Reverberations and timbres, tones and echoes, bring such significance and meaning to Bangtan’s music. A shadow of the night brings to life, the shadow of day, then midday becomes the epitome of a war won.

Shadows that thrive in the dark, silhouettes of a long spoken truth becoming the existence of this life. This child seeks reprieve in an adult world dilute with motionless moments, created in my time, the time, that is made of centuries of stone and paint. Fingers dulled by strokes of paint, a landscape that spells growth, spurts of distinct love only a sudden shudder of the heart is the very breath of that existence.

Crawling orange lights, governed by breathy whispers, touches of hesitance, why such indulgence in bits of happiness. Where do footsteps fall on this dewy night, sold to the horizon of tears. Blue butterfly sets the night on its heels, calming every windy spring that dances at dawn. Where do eyes of dances that rhyme, washed by shallow dots of orange blooms, everything sieves, everything crunches into a handful of moments to yearn for, lie for, create for, exist for.

Orange moons, the earth whispers into a time where damsels knew heroes, spoke of warriors in times of war. Earth tones carved into majestic breaths that escape a need for silent love. Every shadow speaks its own tale of torment, of freedom, of space. Sunrises in the midst of autumn, burgundy thoughts defining a superb night into the abyss of times past, times present, times long gone.

A whisper of a despair, completes the orange ego filled with thoughts of winter days, where laughter senses an illusion. The strictness of a rainfall on the stainless window draws strings that connect the consciousness. Where does sense, lust, orange thoughts, silhouetted by stares of beauty return to call home. Distance, detachment, space, yet courage, confidence sing into the night, lyrics turn into story telling, a beauty beyond time.

Orange cherry blossoms, orange sunsets listen to the creatures of the night, spell the burdens of song. Coldness curved into a beat is turned into a romance of the leaf blades where soil births a seed. This inner child becomes the tint of strength, of marvels, of stories rewritten and read before Kings. Shadows, beautiful shadows filled with orange dreams, fills this map that created a soul without a tear, a gratification, and serenity…

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