20 “Thank You” Messages for BTS’ Jungkook from ARMY That Will Make You fall In Love With Him Again

BTS’ Jungkook

BTS ARMY is celebrating 10 years since Jungkook became a part of the world’s biggest band and they are showing their gratitude to the vocalist who has changed the world with his talents and natural gifts. BTS have always been grateful to their fans, the ARMY and the feelings have been mutual as the fans are always grateful to BTS for existing and affecting their lives in such magnificent ways.

BTS’ Jungkook

20 Messages for Jungkook that show how much ARMY loves him.

  1. “thank you so much for your hard work Jungkook, we love you.”
  2. “happy 10 years Jungkook thank you for giving us always a comfort a song and never failed to amaze us by your talent and working hard you will always be our euphoria we are so very proud of u”
  3. “10 years with the sweetest cutest most talented and hardworking boy ever. We are so thankful for you Jungkook”
  4. “I hope in the 10 years of working to achieved your dreams you finally found and realized how much worthy you are of everything bcs you deserve nothing but only the best”
  5. “thank you for being with us, for always comforting us with your words and telling us how much we mean to you, thank you so much for being who you are, you’re so precious we love you so much!”
  6. “He started off as a hardworking kid and grew into one of the most multitalented artists of this generation with a humble attitude and a personality of gold. Here’s to many more years, JK”
  7. “Jungkook is truly an amazing person, despite of being the youngest with the biggest dream he never gave up. he’s so mentally, emotionally and physically strong. I’m so proud of him. he deserves all the love and happiness in this world.”
  8. “Jungkook really joined bighit at such a young age and became one of the most loved and successful people yet still has the kindest heart and is so humble. I’m so proud of him love him so much”
  9. “getting to see Jungkook grow and become the person he is today for 8 of those 10 years has been such a privilege. he’s so funny, smart, endearing and talented and I’m glad he was the chosen one. it couldn’t have been anyone else”
  10. “His smile is so radiant and pure; it can light up the whole world. He makes us happy just by being himself, his existence is a blessing”
  11. “Thank you for pursuing and making your dreams come true at a young age and for giving us your beautiful love and songs. If it’s ten thousand hours or the rest of my life, I’m gonna love you koo”
  12. “Happy 10 years with the most hardworking, loving, and talented person there is. The world loves you dearly.”
  13. “thank you for bringing light, love, hopes, passion for the past ten years, thank you for all your hard work. we love you so much”
  14. “proud of you since the start, through the years and to today Two hearts you’re an amazing, loving individual whose music, character and work ethic inspire millions every day. can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!”
  15. “it’s been 10 years since Jungkook became member of BTS. so proud of him. thank you for making us happy Jungkook. thank you for being there for us”
  16. “Thank You for being you Jungkookie! we’ve seen you grow and overcome obstacles along the way, we’ll continue walking next to you all the way until the end.”
  17. “you’ve come so far, 10 years since you became a member of bts.  I’m so glad you’ve been able to show the world your incredible talent. thank you for everything, we’re so proud of you love you always, here’s to many more years!”
  18. “10 beautiful years of compassion, hard work and an incredible journey We are of proud of you!!”
  19. “I haven’t been with you from the start. But I will be with you until the end. Thank you Jungkook for your kind heart to us. You have a beautiful heart, beautiful mind. I wish you the best luck
  20. “Jungkook is truly the embodiment of the word “home” to me, his existence alone gives me some strength, comfort and happiness he’s just everything to me and more :(“

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