#10YearsWithJungkook Currently Trending Worldwide, Here’s The Reason ARMY is Celebrating The Important Milestone With BTS’ Main Vocalist

BTS Jungkook’s first and latest selca

“Jungkook” is trending with almost 1M mentions on twitter. ‘Our Light Jungkook’ trended at #15 in Worldwide trends. Currently ‘Our Light Jungkook’ is now trending at #13 in Worldwide trends together with #10YearsWithJungkook trended at #3 and is currently at #1 spot worldwide with over 70K tweets!

We have seen him rap, we have seen him sing, we have seen him compose, we have seen him paint, we have seen him cry, we have seen him laugh, we have seen him produce and direct.

“ARMYs can always come to see us whenever they want to and they can leave whenever they want to. But please remember that I will always be here.” BTS Jungkook

BTS’ Jungkook has grown right before our eyes and that is why we celebrate him everyday for staying in BTS and becoming the great disciplined and hard working artist that he has become.

“don’t go?! I won’t go anywhere. I will always be there for you. I will be watching you the whole time.” – Jungkook

24th April 2011. That is a very important date. It is the date that Jeon Jungkook became part of BTS and became Jungkook, the golden maknae with many talents and abilities.

Imagine entering the music industry at a very young age, still a teenager, who had dreams of his own, who was still learning to grow, who was still finding out who he was, what he liked and what he was good at. Imagine being thrown into the limelight with 6 other strangers whom you had to learn to share and love and respect and get along with. All the hard work and sacrifices in the end paid off as look at the man he has become!

Jungkook has gone from Namjoon’s “boy with bambi eyes” to the man everyone admires and looks up to. Exactly 10 years ago today, Jungkook joined then BigHit Entertainment as a trainee! Jungkook had several labels vying to sign him, but he chose BH after meeting Namjoon

“I remember that when Jungkook first came, he was shorter than me. seeing him grow taller makes me feel like I’ve raised him” BTS Suga

“He is such a big part in BTS, we can’t do anything without Jungkook”– BTS RM

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