Indie Singer eAeon Clarifies Name of His Upcoming Song With BTS’ RM Set To Be Released End of The Month

The reports that BTS’ RM will collaborate with Indie singer Lee Eon aka eAeon on a new upcoming song to be released in April were received with a lot of excitement. The song will be the lead track from eAeon’s new album, “Fragile.”

eAeon has collaborated with BTS’ RM on his second album, due to release on April 30th. eAeon even revealed that he was impressed with Namjoon’s work ethics and brilliant talent

The track is described as a sad song about the tragic ending of love, where RM sings in his distinctive low tone.

The pair have previously collaborated on ‘badbye’ from RM’s mixtape mono.

It was earlier reported that the song would be called “Don’t Do That” Hower eAeon recently Tweeted to clarify that the song is called “DON’T” and not “Don’t Do That”

Well, we cannot wait for this Collab to drop!

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