BTS’ Passionate Messages for Phillipine ARMYs That The World Also Needs

BTS have launched their epic campaign with LiveSmart! BTS are also sharing encouraging message to Filipino ARMY with wise and powerful words to inspire the world during these trying times. Words that the world also needs as as we go through the pandemic. Under “Passion Purpose BTS” the members have words of encouragement, and cheering everyone’s dreams and hopes. They are also wishing that the Covid 19 would be over so that they can meet with ARMY again!

Here are the members words of encouragement

RM: “Wouldn’t it be smart if you put your heart into something every moment? It’s been a while since we met with ARMY & everyone in Philippines. Let’s meet soon after this long winter is over. I miss you a lot!”

 Jin: “Smart decisions have always been important to us and it seems to have produced good results to us. Let’s be happy everyone! I will encourage you so you can only walk the path of happiness!”

SUGA: “It’s a smart decision if you think about it carefully when you make a decision. The year 2021 has started, everyone. I hope that everyone stays healthy this year so we can see you at the concert hall.”

JHope: “The simple fact is that when you’ve a purpose, you will have a reason for [living] & it becomes your driving force. Since you’re born in this world, I think challenging the world with a sense of purpose is one of the important factors to enjoy life! Stay healthy & be happy! That’s the most important until the day when the Coronavirus ends soon and we can come to see you in person! Peace!”

Jimin: “I think life is a wonderful thing. Even before we die, there are so many things in the world that we can’t experience all. So, wouldn’t it be nice to have a purpose to see and enjoy a lot of things and sometimes to enjoy life? Dear Filipino ARMY, I hope my heart can reach you and thank you for always supporting us. We look forward to seeing you soon!”

V:Challenge yourself! No matter how many times you fall, don’t give up. Challenge yourself to break a big wall in your life.

 JungKook: “First of all, it would be nice if you had a clear purpose but I hope that you will think about and judge your realistic environment and do what you need to do, one by one. Our beloved ARMY and SMART subscribers, I am so happy o be with SMART. I hope your life will be a smart life in the future, like SMART. I’ll be rooting for you! Please stay healthy!”

BTS: “I always want to [show] ARMY with good music & performances asap after the [pandemic] is over!

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