BTS Map Of The Soul ON:E Concept Photobook Preview cuts ROUTE VER. [EGO] Can You Handle All That Exquisiteness That is BTS?

BTS and visual equals beauty, elegance, class, sophistication and ethereal qualities.

BTS MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E CONCEPT PHOTOBOOK Preview cuts ROUTE VER. EGO just dropped and our hearts cannot handle it! These photoshoots show just how much BTS have matured and become the forces of beautiful nature that they are, and as we all know, they have not aged at all!

Jin looks like he has a secret that only he holds the key to your happiness. Suga looks unreal like he could take you to a paradise where only beautiful music exists. RM has the look of magnificence that will sooth all your pain away in a heart beat. J-Hope is a deep dark whisper of beautiful rhythms that beats through your heart.

Jimin is that perfect melody that is unforgettable yet utterly addictive. V is a classic painting that has delicate strokes that speak foreign languages to your soul and Jungkook is that delicate touch of summer rain that wrings your chest with stunning innocence.

How can all that beauty exist in 7 humans?

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