BTS Will Cover “Rolling Stone U.S.” Magazine Issue in June, Preorder Copies Already Sold Out in Two Of The Distributing Korean Online Stores

BTS have covered Rolling Stone Magazine before and it fans can look foward to another cover in June.

BTS are the sold out kings who have a Midas touch to everything that they literally touch, wear, use, accidentally reveal or talk about. When their magazine cover for WSJ, Esquire, Variety and TIME were released, they all sold out that some distributors had to request for more reprints. every true fan wants to know more about BTS and if they can get a collectors item in form of magazines, then they will purchase to be able to have a piece of history to cherish.

The release date for BTS’ Rolling Stone Magazine issue is set for June 1, 2021 KST and the preorder issues have already sold out in 2 of the 3 stores that will be distributing the magazine! You can purchase from Aladin, Yes24 and Interpark

BTS’ past “Rolling Stone” Covers

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