Food Brands, Celebrities & Entertainment Accounts’ Reactions to BTS X McDonald’s Collaboration is a Whole Mood

McDonald’s announced their collaboration with BTS for a customized meal. Not only are ARMY excited about the news, major brands have been joining in on the conversation by commenting on the Twitter Post by the giant food Brand. The companies are leaving hilarious tweets under the post. BTS have got the whole worls whipped for them. It is not just locals but huge American brand’s that have caught the “BTS Effect”

From companies like UNO, MATTEL, Guiness World Records, Hell’s Kitchen, Samsung Mobile US, Barbie, Wallmart, Deezer, PETCO, Semrush, Entertainment Tonight, Hot Wheels, MTV Argentina, Sun-Maid, McDonald’s UK, Got Milk?, Bagel Bites, My Hero Academia, Waze, Luke Wathman, and Maple Story

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