American Comedian and TV Host Jimmy Fallon Mentioned BTS & Shared His Favorite McDonald’s Meal On His Show

BTS on Jimmy Fallon The Tonight Show

The BTS X McDonald’s collaboration has caused quite a stir in the world as it has got fans, celebrities, company’s, brands talking about it. Jimmy Fallon who hosts “The Tonight show” talked about the collaboration and even gave his favorite McDonald’s meal.

BTS’ relationship with Jimmy Fallon has been one of those wholesome relationship that BTS has with celebrities. There’s genuine trust and real chemistry and both of them speak highly of each other.

BTS first appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s show for the first time in on 26th September 2018 under “Jimmy Interviews the Biggest Boy Band on the Planet BTS | The Tonight Show” where they performed “IDOL” and “I’m Fine”

They appeared on the show again in 2019 to launch their Map Of The Soul: 7 album with a performance of their lead single “ON” on the Grand Central Station, played games, ate at a restaurant

and again in 2020 BTS appeared on “The Tonight Show” virtually for a full BTS Week, where they performed each day of the week, played games and had an interview with Jimmy Fallon.

Watch the behind the scenes of their time with Jimmy Fallon

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