Residents Of South Korea’s Banwol and Bakji Islands Painted Their Surroundings in Shades Of Purple Inspired by BTS V’s “I Purple You”


BTS have influenced the world in more ways than one, whether it be through their music, lifestyle or words that they have spoken. BTS V’s phrase has changed the world and made it a universal statement that is reminiscent of BTS and ARMY relationship of trust and love. The color purple has been incorporated even into BTS’ brand collaborations. Reuters reported that, Drenched in purple: Inspired by their native balloon flower, residents of South Korea’s Banwol and Bakji Islands have painted their houses, roads and bridges in shades of the hue, and planted purple flowers such as lavender to transform their town.

The project was planned in 2015 as part of South Jeolla Province’s branding initiative to “create attractive island destinations” and was inspired by the purple bellflowers (aka campanula) that are native to the area. Tiny Banwol and Bakji Islands have fewer than 150 total residents. Since the purple project began, the farmers started growing kohlrabi and beets, both of which are on brand. The local government planted 30,000 New England asters and 21,500 square meters of lavender fields


The tiny, tranquil islands have a little more than 100 residents and were picked for a tourism project supported by the government. Restaurants on the islands offer purple rice and serve food on purple plates. Some residents have taken to the purple project with gusto


Visitors can walk three purple footbridges connecting the two islands to the larger one near it, with benches decorated with the ‘I purple you’ slogan made popular by K-pop band #BTS’ member Kim Tae-hyung, more commonly known as V, which means ‘I trust, love and

Those wearing purple are even allowed free entry to the islands. ‘We couldn’t travel overseas due to COVID-19, so we visited these purple islands instead,’ said visitor Shin Eun-me Source


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