Hyundai Teases “Hyundai x BTS” Film Set To Be Released for Earth Day

Hyundai Teases “Hyundai x BTS” Film, set to be released for Earth Day. BTS have collaborated with Hyundai for several projects with an environmental edge, they had a Water Day collaboration with the company back in March.

Earth Day” is the day designated for fostering appreciation of the earth’s environment and awareness of the issues that threaten it. Many of these issues relate directly to chemistry, such as greenhouse gas emission, anthropogenic carbon, oil spill clean-up and soil contamination from run-off.

In 1970, U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson proposed a bill designating April 22 as a national day to celebrate the earth. Since that time, Earth Day has been officially observed in April. At present, Earth Day is observed in 175 countries, and coordinated by the nonprofit Earth Day Network. The passage of the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, and the Endangered Species Act are considered to be products associated with the 1970 Earth Day.

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