BTS’ Jungkook Had The Highest Mentions & Engagements On All SOCIAL MEDIA Platforms By The End of BANG BANG CON 2021

Jungkook is a singer, songwriter, composer and producer. He is the youngest member of and vocalist in BTS and has even directed their last Korean single “Life Goes On”. Jungkook has been credited as the main producer for two of BTS’ songs: “Love is Not Over” and “Magic Shop”. Jungkook’s popularity is immense in all social medias. In a 2019 survey conducted by Gallup Korea, Jungkook ranked as the third most-loved celebrity of the year in South Korea. He debuted on the list in 2016 at 20th, then ranked 17th in 2017, and then 8th in 2018. In 2018, Jungkook placed first for 10 weeks in a row for magazine Hi China, under the most beloved celebrities list in China.

Jungkook is also extremely popular on social media amongst fans. In December 2018, a video of him singing in the studio became the most retweeted tweet in South Korea that year.

Jungkook’s popularity has earned him the nickname “Sold Out King” as items that he is seen using often sell out quickly. These include shoes, Downy fabric softener, wine, novels, “I Decided to Live as Me” by Kim Soo-hyun, which became a best-seller in both Korea and Japan, and Hanbok. Korean media reported that Jungkook had created a “Modern Hanbok” fashion trend in the Korean entertainment industry.

Jungkook was 2019’s most-searched male K-pop idol on Google according to their mid-year chart. He topped the chart again in 2020, and was the most searched K-pop idol on YouTube in 2019 and 2020. On Tumblr, he ranked 1st in ‘Top K-Pop Stars’ for 3 consecutive years. On Twitter, he had the most retweeted tweet of 2019, and the 2nd most retweeted tweet of 2020.

In March 2021, Jungkook set a new all-time record for the most real-time viewers in V Live history when his solo live broadcast surpassed 22 million simultaneous viewers, he first broke the record in October 2018, when his broadcast surpassed 3.7 million viewers worldwide.


Jungkook had the highest mentions and engagements on ALL SOCIAL MEDIA platforms by the end of BANGBANGCON21. Jungkook is also the most mentioned individual hashtag (only individual hashtag in the Top 10) related to BANGBANGCON21 on all social platforms


‘Jungkook’ was the most mentioned individual name in the worldwide trends at #15 with over 1M tweets. He also peaked #2 worldwide and trended in +85 countries with over 1.2M tweets. ‘Rapper Jungkook’ was the highest trending member-related mention at #14 worldwide


Jungkook is the most searched individual name related to BANGBANGCON21 on Google Worldwide in the past 24 hours. He is also the most searched member in the past 24 hours with his worldwide search interest at peak 100 on both platforms


Jungkook (ジョングク) peaked at #1 on Twipple Japan Real Time Celebrity Ranking with four different posts. He also topped Twipple Japan Daily Chart; 17 April 2021 with a total of 9,910 tweet counts

BTS Jungkook’s compelling live performance showcased in Bang Bang Con 2021 led to his keywords dominating the real-time trends all over the world, which manifests his huge popularity. He trended in 80 countries w/ ‘jungkook’ trending at #3 worldwide and #2 in US.

His captivating rap performance made ’RAPPER JUNGKOOK’ (#14) trend worldwide, and after his solo performance, ‘Euphoria’ in both English and Korean trended worldwide at #14 and #27.

His topic ‘Jungkook-South Korean singer’ was the highest ranking member-specific topic under the Google trends of Bang Bang Con 21. On Japan’s Twipple, Jungkook occupied the #1 spot on the trends w/ topics like ‘Jungkook’s abs’ going hot.

Jungkook has surpassed 1.3M mentions on Twitter.

BTS Jungkook ranked in Tsuiran Japan’s Celebrity Chart for 7 hours due to BANG BANG CON 2021. He is the only BTS member to rank in the Daily Celebrity Chart for the day

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