BTS’ Jungkook Maintains His Top Twitter Trends Position as He Climbs To #2 Worldwide With BTS BANG BANG CON 2021 Online Marathon Concert

BTS’ Jungkook is maintaining his top position on Twitter as the “BANG BANG CON 2021” online concert marathon continues. “Jungkook” is now at No. 2 worldwide trends with 791K! On Google Trends “Jungkook” is the only BTS member in the Top 24 rising topics for the past 4 hours Worldwide. Jungkook is currently trending in 66 countries with 3 keywords” Jungkook,” “Jungkooks,” “Rapper Jungkook,” where Rapper Jungkook entered worldwide trends for BANG BANG CON 2021. In the last 3 hours Jungkook trended in 41 countries including the US, Australia, Canada & UK.

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