Our 37+ Favorite #BlackOutBTS Selcas Celebrating Black ARMY, What it Means & Why It’s Important

For anyone not aware, the first Tuesday of every month on Twitter is known as โ€œARMY Selca Dayโ€, where BTS fans post selfies/selcas of themselves with a picture of their favorite BTS member. The Fans get creative by recreating the Selcas with the same outfits, similar poses or even similar or the same location as where the BTS ember took the Selca. Today #BlackOutBTS trended on Twitter which might be misinterpret but the day is still ARMY Selca Day but with Black ARMY posting Selcas with their favorite BTS member. So how and when did #BlackOutBTS trend start and what does it mean? A fan explained that,

“#BlackOutBTS is made for the fans who get the most silenced within the army: black people. We get constantly ridiculed, ignored, attacked and disrespected within the army and we as a cohesive unit are sick of it. #BlackOutBTS is a Selca day for just us to showcase our beauty, admire our bias in any way we choose to and for once get some shine. Thisโ€ฆ isnโ€™t to exclude anyone, this is to raise up those who donโ€™t receive inclusion.”

The trend has been in the Twittersphere for quite a long time as twitter user @JHSMICDROP explains,

“For those who donโ€™t understand why thereโ€™s a whole #BlackOutBTS tag. The whole concept was created before it was adapted by ARMYs. The โ€˜Blackout Dayโ€™ tag was created to embrace the online black community on social media by sharing images of beautiful black people by selfies etc. Itโ€™s not to โ€˜outshineโ€™ or disrespect white people, itโ€™s there to embrace, and shed a positive light on black individuals. It has been around for about three years, and the whole tag means minority voices are given the type of attention they are denied in mainstream culture.”

BTS are loved worldwide as their music transcends all languages, races, religion, gender identity, color among everything else. BTS have always talked about inclusivity and love for everyone and it is amazing to see that ARMY of all races celebrate the band because their music is not made for a specific genre, beat or for specific persons.

Here are some 37+ of our favorite #BlackOutBTS Selcas that celebrate their love for each of the members

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