Kim Taehyung is Now Trending on Twitter After The Release Of “Kloud x BTS” Beer Advertisement

BTS’ V is the undisputed King of visuals, add that to his deep sultry voice and you have a double edged sword of awesomeness. After the Release Of Chilsung’s “Kloud x BTS” Beer Advertisement, “KIM TAEHYUNG / V” is trending at #13 in Twipple Japan with some related keywords like “beer”, “TaeTae, you’re really cool”, “this Tete” ,”Tetae-chan”, “cute”. ‘클라우드’ (Kloud) is currently trending at #4 in South Korea after we got BTS X Kloud Beer video. V also trended in several countries with over 70K tweets.

Some comments from the public…

V is f*cking handsome. I’m going to buy beer right nowㄷㄷㄷ

Well! V is too handsome! I’m looking forward to the other members’ videos

“Wow, V is crazy, even his voice is perfect”

“Wow, crazy~~~ V is really cool… I think I’ll become a beer addict because of V…”

“They made good use of V’s handsome face and low voice. Advertisers are smart, I want to see more of V’s ads in the future”

BTS V’s visuals and voice have captured the hearts of many!

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