BTS Becomes 4th Most Subscribed Artist on YouTube Surpassing Ariana Grande

‘BANGTANTV’ Channel is now the 4th Most Subscribed Artist Channel on YouTube with 47.8M subscribers, surpassing Ariana Grande. BANGTANTV channel has also surpassed 9.5B total views on YouTube.

BANGTANTV is BTS’ YouTube channel where they have been vlogging ever since before their debut. They sought to find ways that they could be closer to the fans and show them their everyday life. They have “Bangtan Bomb” witch showcases the behind the scenes of their performances, interviews and even music video sketches.

BANGTANTV is also where you can find BTS’ dance practices and sometimes the members hold Live sessions where they chat with ARMY. They even host live online concerts like the up coming BANG BANG CON set to live stream on 17th April 2021

BTS’ BangtanTV very first upload

BTS RM’s first log

BTS Jin’s first log

BTS Jimin’s first log

BTS Jungkook’s first log

BTS J-Hope’s first log

BTS Suga’s first log

BTS V’s first log

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