Tiny Tan’s Whole New “Dynamite” Style is The Cutest Thing You Will See Today!

BTS’ Tiny Tan characters officially have a brand new style. Tiny Tan shared on Twitter the “Dynamite” themed outfits similar to what BTS wore in the video. In the YouTube Video shared, the characters have the same moves as BTS when they dance in the music video and it is so cute!

TinyTAN (formerly known as BTS Character) are animated characters based on BTS and created by Big Hit Entertainment now “HYBE Corporation”. The brand was launched on October 13, 2019 via Big Hit Official Merch on Twitter as part of the exclusive merch of the BTS Pop-Up: House of BTS.

The characters’ outfits and hairstyle was originally based on the “IDOL” music video, but in 2020 the characters were launched with the looks from the “MIC Drop” music video.

A music video based on “MIC Drop” was released in the first half of 2020, and four short animated episodes in the second half.

Here are the outfits that Tiny Tan is spotted wearing that are BTS’ own outfits for the “Dynamite” music video

Watch the clip below

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