BTS’ Jungkook’s Latest Selca Added More Than 40K Followers to Their Official Twitter Account

BTS’ Jungkook is a scene attractor, everyone is usually blown away, whether it be his outstandingly beautiful visual, his talents, or his vocals, the man cannot avoid being admired. Whether it is fans or non-fans, Jungkook is one celebrity who has the power of impacting the world in very many ways. He is always the number one trending topic on twitter whenever he posts on Twitter. And it was no different when on 11th April he posted a Selca with a blue sweat shirt and the simple phrase “I miss you ARMY” it was all it took for him to trend at no.1 worldwide and on Twipple Japan.

He was not just trending worldwide, but he had a more remarkable impact in attracting new fans. BTS’s Twitter account daily new followers had experienced a sudden surge. On the day of Jungkook’s post, BTS’ official Twitter account had gained 47,943 new followers, almost twice the daily average of 26,709. It was also the highest followers gain in April 2021 so far. The power that this man holds is no longer questionsble!

The selca that BTS’ Jungkook posted on 11th April 2021

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