The “Lamodechief” Sweatshirt BTS’ Jungkook Wore on His Latest Twitter Post is the #1 Trending Product on Korea’s Online Store Musinsa

BTS’S Jungkook posted a selca on their Twitter handle wearing a “Lamodechief” navy blue sweatshirt. This is not the first time that Jungkook has worn that brand. Last month March, the clothing brand “Lamodechief” donated to a children’s shelter in the name of ‘ARMY’ after they got massive attention for BTS Jungkook having worn their product. The product was sold-out quickly after he was first seen wearing it and the restocks were also all sold-out accordingly for 2 more times, which the media put it ‘a milestone’.

This time, the brand donated clothing to a local welfare center and stated that they were able to make such donations for the attention and love they received from BTS fans globally and that they’ll keep engaging in donations, being committed to corporate social responsibility and to spreading good influence. The brand had also done giveaways of hoodies with the word ‘ARMY’ (BTS fans) and the letter ’97’ (Jungkook’s birth year) printed on it. The company wrote a thank you message on their Instagram account. Source

“Hi guys, announcing from LAMODECHIEF. What a great news about us. It’s so grateful and meaningful that we have done supported to some organization because we want to express how we are grateful to Jungkook, ARMY and also people who purchase our product once again. In the future LAMODECHIEF will try to exert a better influence and to be a wise company to everyone, thanks.” Lamodechief IG.

Jungkook had influenced another charity act from a different organization that had impressive sales after BTS’ Jungkook mentioned their product which ended up out selling a months worth of products in just 3 days.

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