#SUGABillionStreams Trends Worldwide as ARMY Celebrate BTS Suga’s 1Billion Streams on Largest Streaming Platform

BTS’ Suga has officially surpassed 1 billion streams on Spotify the biggest streaming site in the world. This achievement is on his entire discography, from his solo songs, to collaborations, to songs he has produced for other artists and his songs with BTS. Suga has once gain proved that he is the hardworking rapper and producer that he is. To celebrate this great achievements, fans worldwide are congratulating him and he has been trending in over 20 countries, reaching #2 on Twitter worldwide trends.

Suga trended in several countries including, Algeria, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Italy, Argentina, Indonesia, Peru, Egypt, France, Mexico, Singapore, Pakistan, India, Portugal, Jordan, Ecuador, Germany, Thailand, Chile, United Arab Emirates, the United States of America among other countries. #SUGABillionStreams, #SUGAHistoryMaker and #윤기곡_스밍10억회돌파 trended worldwide

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