BTS Sells out ALL Their Limited Edition Purple Themed Camping Gear from Helinox

“Hellinox” announced that it will launch the BTS x Helinox collection on April 7th 2021. Through this collaboration, a total of six products were released that includes chair, table, coat, sakoche, gym sacks, and Velcro patch (Helinox Chair One, a Cot One convertible with a mesh net tray underneath, a Table One Hard Top, Sacoche bag, Gymsack, and a patch reading “Hello My Name is”) all in line with BTS’ purple theme that has become a globaly recognized symbol as BTS’ color that identifies their relationship with their fans, the ARMY.

BTS/Suga, Jin, Jimin, V, RM, Jungkook & J-Hope

The products showcased the purple themed items and in less than 3 days later the camping gear has all sold out on the company’s online shop! Helinox’s brand objective is that the pieces are made to be easily transported, packed away, and reassembled so you can bring a bit of sophistication and comfort to your camping trip. And that is why they are much sort after for their convenience and easy transportation without taking much space or being bulky.

The “BTS Effect” is widely and worldly known and it just does not cut across the members as a group, all the individual members are sold out Kings who have led to items or products selling out within minutes of their being spotted with the members.

The “BTS effect” refers to the commercial effects of BTS’ influence, such as when KB Kookmin Bank savings accounts increased six-fold compared to the prior year following BTS’ endorsement and when stock prices of entertainment companies in South Korea shot up for five days after BTS topped the U.S. Billboard 200 chart.

After BTS went to Malta for their popular show, ‘Bon Voyage 3’, the Malta Tourism Authority reported a 237% increase of Korean tourists visiting the country, crediting BTS as the reason for the increase.

Whether it’s the clothes they wear or the simple mention of a product, it is safe to say that BTS is a brand power house and their mere existence is a cause for global interest in what BTS has to offer and simply loves or promotes. Visit the online shop to find out their availability.

Undeniable “Sold Out Kings!”

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