Pizza Inn Will Be Offering Kombucha on Their Menu Thanks To BTS’ Jungkook

The brand power that is BTS’ Jungkook is undeniable, his charm and good nature is attractive enough, add that to his many talents as an artist and you have a good human who cares about the world around him. Kombucha took on a whole new meaning and interest after Jungkook’s Vlive back in February. His mention of the product has saved businesses and encouraged charity work. Thanks to Jungkook, Kombucha will never be just a common drink.

According to SBS, in 2019 alone, Jungkook got people to buy toothbrushes, fabric softener, wine, and a phone case. In a lot of instances, fans simply saw him use these products in videos or pictures and went out to buy them.

According to reports, Mr. Pizza announced on the 10th of March that it will sell “I’m Alive Kombucha’, which is a fermented soda/carbonated drink made by naturally fermenting organic green tea and black tea. The sugar and caffeine content is lower than that of regular soda. The product, which was introduced in the live special broadcast of Lotte Home Shopping in July, ended up selling more than 100,000 bottles in two days, and was recognized for its product power.

This Kombucha menu will be sold first at 16 directly-managed stores including Mr. Pizza Yeouido, Apgujeong, and Idae, and plans to expand the region. It can also be purchased when ordering on-site packaging and delivery of the Nation app.

Mr. Pizza official said, “Kombucha is a healthy fermented drink with an attractive fresh fruity aroma and soft acidity. It goes particularly well with pizzas with a lot of meat and seafood toppings.” Source

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