Helinox Finally Unveiled BTS’ Limited Edition Purple Themed Camping Gear

Helinox unveiled their BTS’ Limited Edition Purple Themed Camping Gear just in time for Springtime which starts the camping season.

Helinox an outdoor gear company launched the purple themed camping gear in collaboration with BTS, that includes foldable chairs, cots, tables, gym bags and name patches.

The Purple evolution started back in 2016 when V introduced the phrase ‘I purple You after a concert saying that since purple is the last color of the rainbow, it represented trust and loyalylty which BTS’ V said he would like their relationship with ARMY to be like that and last a long time.

The phrase and the color has been widely accepted and has been used in BTS’ collaborations with brands like Samsung which have incorporated into their phones. Monumental buildings have lit up the color purple in honor of BTS, and “I Purple You” is one the best way that ARMY are united in whatever part of the country they are.

You can shop the limited edition online

Watch the full ad

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