BTS’ V’s Style Has Caught The Sight of American Rapper Lizzo Gushing That V Has Got That ‘je ne sais quoi’

BTS’ V’s Visuals and sense of style has always been what draws you in like a magnet. The man dresses to the nine! He once wore a suit for a dance practice for their ON performance, everyone else is all casual but he’s all looking lika a daper classic man ready for a dinner. Rapper, singer Lizzo is back talking about BTS, she had earlier loved Jimin’s beauty, fireceness and sense of humor. The “BTS Effect” hit again as she is now gushing about another member as a fashion icon herself, she is drawn in by his sense of fashion, and we all agree!

Lizzo is an American rapper, singer and also acts. Lizzo’s music primarily incorporates hip hop,and is also infused with genres such as soul, R&B and funk-pop. Lizzo’s influences include Missy Elliott, Lauryn Hill, and Beyoncé. Primarily a rapper, Lizzo incorporated singing into her debut record.

She stated in an interview in 2018, “I was always afraid of being a singer, but then when I heard Lauryn Hill, I was like, maybe I can do both,” further adding that her debut album was inspired by The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, and Hill’s ability of “rapping, singing, being political.”She has cited Diana Ross as a fashion reference.

Rapper Lizzo

On her recent TikTok Live Lizzo revealed that she loves BTS V’s sense of style and fashion . Admiting that you cannot take your eyes off V. True facts confirmed, V is visuals galore and he stands out in every outfit that he shows up in

Imma talk about BTS, You know am a Jimin…Jimin is my favorite, but when it comes to fashion honey…” Lizzo started talking about BTS

You can’t take your eyes off of this man. He dresses, he got that ‘je ne sais quoi'” gushed Lizzo about BTS V

Lizzo zoomed in on this particular golden outfit below that matched V’s blonde hair and said,

Baby, do you see this?”

And Lizzo was right, V is deadly fashionable to the Tee. We do love a fashionable man. V in casual wear. Whether he is going for the sophisticated but laid back look, or the sweet boyfriend vibe, or the friendly approachable idol, or the jet setter Taehyung, V’s casual wear is what high class fashion magazines write about!

V in suits of any color! And design. If there is any man who can pull off the well suited suit fit, it’s V, if there’s any man who can pull off the baggy or bell bottom suit, think “Dynamite” MV, it’s V and if there is any man who can pull off any color of suit, it’s V, the man can do no wrong wearing suits!

V on stage outfits. The man can pull off any look he puts on and make it the best looking outfit on the stage. Match that with his expressions and you have the full entertainer package the is BTS V!

We stan a fashionable man!

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