“Mahal ko kayo” Was a Trending Topic After BTS’ V Mentioned it During Their “VSOPE” VLive Broadcast

BTS members always include fans from different corners of the world. Whenever they had world tours, they would learn some of the language of that foreign country like greetings and goodbyes and use them whenever they talked with them or gave speeches on stage. On 5th April 2021, BTS V, J-Hope and Suga held a VLIVE for the first time in their new building HYBE where they were preparing several types of drinks.

BTS V, Suga and J-Hope on VLive

Through the Live stream V, J-Hope and Suga spent almost an hour talking to their fans about several topics as they read comments while making drinks. As they were treading the comments they were surprised that there were so many foreign fans which they did not expect. J-Hope ended up saying “Hola” while V said “mahal ko kayo.”

After the VLIVE, the term “mahal ko kayo.” which is Filipino for “I love you” in Tagalog ended up on twitter trends at #16 worldwide with over 16,000 tweets and at #4 in Philippines. This is not the first time that V has said the words, back in May 2020, V and Jungkook had a VLive where they repeatedly said the words “mahal ko kayo”

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