“Vsope” “Taetae” & “Tae Yoongi” Now Trending Worldwide After Yoongi, Taehyung and Hoseok VLIVE

April 5th 2021, V, Suga and J-Hope had a VLIVE where they were preparing drinks in their new company building HYBE. Immediately the VLIVE ended the theree BTS members trended on Twitter in the top 10 trends. “VSOPE” is trending at #7 worldwide after Kim Taehyung said that their unit name is VSOPE in their recent Vlive. “ALL MEN DO IS LIE” became a trending topic on Twitter after V mentioned on VSOPE vlive that his mixtape isn’t coming out this year due to the many commitments and their busy schedule as BTS.

“hobi” is also trending at #2 while “taekook” took #20, “yoongis” also entered the trends at #22. Other trends were “kim taehyung,” “suga” and “hoseok” trending under k-pop category, “taekook” is trending under music category.

J-Hope’s names were trending the most on Twitter. “Hobi” is trending in 42 locations following VSOPE vlive! Keyword “Hoseok” trending in 28 locations worldwide following J-Hope’s vlive with Yoongi & Taehyung. New keyword “VSOPE” is now trending follow their vlive earlier today! This is a new trend & is already trending in 12 locations worldwide!

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