Sho Ayanokoji, the Lead Singer of Japanese Rock Band “Kishidan,” Mentioned BTS’ Jimin on His Twitter Account

BTS’ Jimin is the sold out King and his Midas Touch always brings back results of his actions spreading around the world, not only are celebrities interested in Jimin’s fashion, style, music and dance, but the whole world at large. Sho Ayanokoji, who is the lead singer of the Japanese rock band “Kishidan,” mentioned BTS’ Jimin on his Twitter account. He shared a picture of a lip balm and captioned the post, “Jimin’s lipstick came. … But if my lips suddenly turn a little red, I’m sure the people around me will be wondering, so I’ll decorate the room for the time being. I like black x red.”

The lipbaMl that Sho Ayanokoji was reffering was the one which became sold out after BTS’ Jimin was seen applying on his lips after their Bangtan Bomb episode was released of their preparation for their first MTV VMA “Dynamite” performance.

Japanese Rock band Kishidan

Kishidan which means “The Knights”, are a Japanese rock band. They have a retro image, wearing Japanese school uniforms in the style of bōsōzoku. The lead singer, Sho Ayanokoji (often styled as “Show Ayanocozey”), was DJ OZMA, until the persona was “retired” in December 2008. Kishidan announced a “comeback”, after a three-year break, on January 27, 2009. The band had never officially split up, but had been taking a break while Show and Hikaru were working on the DJ OZMA side project. Their song, Omae Dattanda released on November 10, 2009, was used for the 11th ending theme song for Naruto Shippuden. They are signed to Avex Trax and are managed by Sony Music Artists. Their song, Warera Omou, Yue ni Warera Ari, is used for the opening theme song for Kamen Rider Ghost, released on December 9, 2015.

His post on his twitter account

The whole world loves Jimin and he is always a trend setter whose style is loved by everyone. His brand impact is wide and very influencial.

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