BTS’ New Song “Film Out” ARMY’s Theories That Point Towards The Possibility Of a “Fake Love” Parallel Universe

On April 1, 2021, BTS released their new Film Out music video on YouTube. The song will be part of their upcoming Japanese compilation album, “BTS, The Best.” The latest song is co-produced by BTS’ Jungkook and Back Number’s lead vocalist, Iyori Shimizu. The Music video trended on twitter at #1 with ‘#FilmOutByBTS’ “Film Out” broke many first day record including debuting at #1 on the major Japanese Charts, it took #1 on iTunes on 98 countries, it had the most downloads on Japan’s Oricon even beating Dynamite and trended on YouTube at #1 in over 70 countries.

The Film Out music video is already at over 54 million views on YouTube. And as with any of BTS’ music, it is never just a song, the lyrics have deeper meaning than what appears on the surface. And as expected ARMY have already started coming up with theories about the music video. There is already an uncanny connection between “Film Out” and “Fake Love” released back in 2018. They believe that the latest Music Video is a continuation of “Fake Love” or the two are connected somehow. The most constant theory is that “Film Out” is a parallel universe of “Fake Love” All the theories stem from BTS’ Bangtan Universe or BU.

2018 Fake Love vs 2021 Film Out

The BTS Universe, also known as the Bangtan Universe or BU, is an alternate universe created by Big Hit Entertainment that winds through the group’s output. The webtoon Save Me closely follows the story line, along with their book HYYH: The Notes 1. The chronology of the universe began with the song “I Need U” and spans to the present time. It tells the story of the seven members in an alternate reality and depicts their anxieties and uncertainties as they confront their futures. In a corporate briefing held on February 4, 2020, Big Hit also announced the upcoming release of its sequel HYYH: The Notes 2, the recreation of five BTS songs into five picture books, and the upcoming drama Youth to be produced in collaboration with Chorokbaem Media and renowned screenwriter Kim Soo-jin.

Here are some theories that ARMY have come up with. What is your take on some of them?

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