BTS J-Hope Sparks Rumors of Comeback After ARMY Gets Sneak Peak of The Rapper’s Hair During VLIVE

April 5th 2021, V, Suga and J-Hope had a VLIVE where they were preparing drinks in their new company building HYBE. Hawk eyed fans snapped a sneak peak of J-Hopes’ hair and immediately there was talk of a comeback. BTS have always had different hairstyles for every comeback that they have and in tehri efforts to hide their hair color with buckets hats or otherwise, fans are too keen not to miss that hair color change. J-Hope and V appeared on the VLive covering their hair. J-Hope kept carefully pulling the bucket hat to cover his whole head but sometimes, the angle of the head will give it away. Screen shots were taken and the Silver hair could be seen peaking out a little. J-Hope even trended under his two names “Hobi” and “Hoseok” mostly just for the VLive.

J-Hope’s names were trending the most on Twitter during and after the VSOPE VLIVE. “Hobi” trended in 42 locations. The Keyword “Hoseok” was trending in 28 locations worldwide following J-Hope’s vlive with Yoongi & Taehyung. J-Hope had on 1st April pranked fans when he posted a picture with red hair and he trended at #1 worldwide in several countries, so could he have been sneaking the truth about a hair color change for a certain comeback? Fans cannot unsee the silver hair so its a ‘lets wait and see kind of mood’

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