24 Fabulous ARMY Selca Day Photos featuring BTS’ V

Selca means selfie camera, or what we all call a selfie photo. Selca day is basically a certain day of the month when fans can take selfies/selcas with their favorite idols. Usually, selca day is celebrated on Twitter, but not only on Twitter, even on Tumblr, there are people who celebrate and actually it is really just a question of people’s varying preferences. Selca day has been done by fans in various countries. In addition, fans celebrate with a hashtag such as #armyselcaday


This is a tradition among ARMYs, where every first Tuesday of the month they post photos of them and their idols. Usually, they post photos that are similar to pictures that BTS have taken or just for fun, they sometimes show off their creativity. army posts their photos with a hashtag, and it will encourage others to do the same, makes it trend on Twitter, the hashtag #ARMYSelcaDay is used when they post. Another goal, other than making it a ‘tradition,’ is that they prove that their fandom is very compact and always proud of their idols.

The hashtags #ARSD and #ARMYSelcaDay are currently trending at #3 and #5 respectively. Here are Aprils best selcas with BTS’ V

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