This “Film Out” MV Challenge is Taking Over Twitter & Going Viral as ARMY Celebrates BTS’ New Japanese Song

BTS’ Japanese song “Film Out” was released on 1st April 2021 and the song has already taken over the world,in 98 countries so far! The one thing that BTS have always prided themselves in, is the love that they receive from their fans, the ARMY. They were asked what ARMY Means to them and each gave their honest answer. What stood out was when Jimin said that during quarantine as they were going through a hard time, he watched videos of ARMY singing along with them during live performances, and that gave him a lot of comfort.

This pandemic has been hard on the world and Both BTS and ARMY have sought comfort in each other. BTS through watching their past concerts and reliving moments on stage, Suga even said that he really started listening to their own songs especially “Answer: Love Myself” and “Paradise” which comforted him. ARMY have always sort comfort in BTS Music because the lyrics always resonate differently to each individual and impacts different emotions too.

BTS ARMYs always embark on projects, whether it be for the boys or themselves or others in society. They trend on Twitter various key words related to BTS on any given time. They confessed about their first encounters with BTS, they congratulated members, they missed the members, they freaked out over blonde and red hair, or the just drank milk!

This time to celebrate the release of BTS’S new song, they have started a challenge, from some iconic BTS lines. These lines are iconic BTS lines that every ARMY knows BTS have included in many of their songs

The iconic lines, “lalalala”

The ‘ICONIC’ BTS lines that are in may of BTS songs gave life to the challenge after “Film Out” was rekeased, and so the #SingOhOhLaLaLaChallenge began! Fans are sending short audio and/or video clips of them singing the “lalalala”part of the song from the music video.

The challenge has given some who might not had been confident enough to sing, to give it a try. With 98 countries listening to the song, it’s definitely a challenge that is worth the Twitter trends it goes viral!

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