American Rapper Songwriter Lizzo Mentioned BTS During Her Instagram Live Saying BTS’ Jimin is Hilarious, Fierce & Beautiful

The JIMIN Effect” has once again struck. Crossing boarders and this time its American rapper and songwriter Lizzo who has been enchented by BTS’ vocalist Park Jimin. She mentioned BTS on her recent Instagram Live and gushed over Jimin.

BTS’ Jimin

Lizzo, is an American singer, rapper, songwriter, and flutist. Aside from singing and rapping, Lizzo also takes up acting roles: she served as a voice performer in the animated film UglyDolls in 2019 and appeared in the crime comedy-drama film Hustlers in 2019. In 2019 again, Time named Lizzo as “Entertainer of the Year” for her meteoric rise and contribution to music. In addition to her three Grammy Awards, she has also won a Billboard Music Award, a BET Award and two Soul Train Music Awards

Rapper Lizzo

In her recent Instagram Live, Lizzo Mentioned BTS about how her sister is the one who introduced her to the biggest band in the world,

“I do like BTS. My sister loves. My sister’s in the ARMY and she introduced me to BTS. I think they’re extremely talented, it’s mindblowing, and funny, when you like really get to know everyone’s individual personalities.” She said

“I love Jimin. I think Jimin is Hilarious and like fierce and beautiful” she added

Jimin is one of the best contemporary dancers in the world and his stage presence is always mesmerizing and bewitching. Add that to his uniquely beautiful very attractive visuals and you have the complete package to draw everyone in! It is not surprising when celebrities and everyone cannot help but be enchanted by the JIMIN Effect!

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