BTS’ “Film Out” Surpasses 40 Million Views With 6 Million Likes

“Film Out” Composed by Jungkook and preformed by BTS has surpassed 40 million views on YouTube with 6 million likes and 1.6 million comments making BTS the artist with most music videos with over 6 million comments, they have 20 Music Videos so far with the milestone.

BTS’s Japanese OST “Film Out” continues on its record breaking streak. It debuted on 1st April at #1 on most streaming sites both in Japan and Worldwide and continues to stay at the top. It has maintained its #1 on iTunes Worldwide, it has spent a full day at #1 on US iTunes and has entered Apple Music’s Global Top 100 at #62.

The song is still trending at #1 on YouTube Worldwide and is also trending in 84 countries! BTS’s Japanese songs with most #1s on iTunes “Your Eyes Tell” with 113 #1s, “Film Out” with 97 #1s (ongoing) and “Stay Gold” with 85 #1s

Watch the MV

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