“COMPOSER JUNGKOOK SUPREMACY” Enters Worldwide Trends To Celebrate BTS Jungkook’s Japanese OST Achievements after “Film Out”

BTS’ Jungkook is a songwriter, composer director, artist, model, idol, lead dancer, sub rapper and main vocalist, and recently he showcased his drumming skills. He has heavenly and beautiful vocals that have the widest ranges as he can adapt to any key and harmonize perfectly with his members.. He is achieving this all at only 23. Now that’s called GOLDEN!

After the release of “Film Out”, BTS’ Jeon Jungkook is the FIRST AND ONLY Korean Composer to have his 2 OSTs (‘Your Eyes Tell’ & ‘Film Out’) achieve an iTunes All-Kill (#1) in the Top 8 BIGGEST Music Markets in the World. “Film Out” had the greatest debuts in music streaming sites and some of his old songs in turn entered some charts.

Jungkook is a hard worker and always strives to give 1000% whenever he works at any project. He recently said that he would like to sing until he cannot when his physical features will not allow him to. That is a man who has passion and heart and drive and love for his craft. That is why fans are showing him love and congratulating him with “COMPOSER JUNGKOOK SUPREMACY”

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