BTS’ Jin Confides That He Was Scolded by His Members for Revealing Their Thoughts on Disbandment Back in 2018

During their show “You Quiz on The Block” the members shared candid personal moments about their past, trainees days and struggles they faced as they came up in the music world. One of the very hardest time they had was in 2018. As they received their award, Jin revealed that they had had a very tough year that had been so bad for them mentally and the even spoke about possible Disbandment. He then said that he was grateful that they came together as a team, comforted each other and decided to keep moving on.

As he was being interviewed Him revealed that he was scolded by members after that revelation.

“I was scolded a lot by the members foe bringing possible Disbandment up, at that time, it was really hard for us and the memories of that time popped up (I brought it up) because I was grateful and relieved that we overcame that well and got to here now” Jin

Yoongi said the explosive response they got was extremely overwhelming because all they were doing was working hard, doing what they were supposed to do

So the members talked to the company and took a monthlong break (this was in 2018)

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