BTS “Film Out” Surpasses 20 Million Views With 4 Million Likes

BTS’ Japanese single “Film Out” officially surpassed 20 Million Views on YouTube, has garnered 4 Million Likes and 1.2 million comments in 13 hours!

“Film Out” was announced by BTS on February 16, 2021, as the ending theme for Signal the Movie Cold Case Investigation Unit (2021). The song was written by Jungkook in collaboration with the lead vocalist of Japanese rock power trio Back Number, Iyori Shimizu, and the track’s producer UTA.

“Film Out” is the opening track on BTS’ upcoming Japanese-language album, :BTS, the Best”. The song was released for digital download and streaming in various countries on April 2, 2021, through Universal Music Japan.

BTS, the Best” will serve as a compilation of the Japanese-language songs the group has released since 2017. The album arrives on June 17th

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