ARMY Proves How Much They Missed BTS’ V as Weverse App Crushes Soon After The Vocalist Posts on The App

ARMY really did miss BTS’ Kim Tae-hyung aka V. On 1st April V went on the App and started chatting with fans saying that he had not been posting on the App because he wanted them to miss him. As a result of his post, V trended worldwide with “HE CAME HOME” together with his two names. Fans always look foward to whatever V Posts on Weverse since he is usually the one BTS member active on the App which he has not been for quite a while, which led to today’s events.

Today 2nd April, he once again visited Weverse and all broke loose as the App kept malfunctioning, you can imagine millions of people trying to talk to V at the same time! The Weverse now has a notice that it is under maintenance!

The power that this man has, if he is not breaking iTune records with his “Sweet Night” he is crushing social media apps and if that is not a sign of how much fans misses him, then I do not know what it!

Fans comments

“I cant open it now coz it keeps lagging and crashing. Kim Taehyung is home!”

“We all missed him and I can’t get in to congratulate him again on sweet night 😭”

“Soo weverse is drunk🍻 right now 😹”

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