“HE CAME HOME” “KIM TAEHYUNG” & “taetae” Trends Worldwide After BTS V’s Posts On Weverse

Kim Tae-hyung aka V has been misses by ARMY, and when they miss their favourite boy, they call for him and he always “Comes Home” V is currently trending after making several posts on the app Weverse. With 20K cheers and 20K comments on Weverse, his cute smile and good nature had been highly missed. A few days ago he was on Twitter trends after an Article about the possibility of having actor Tae-hyung once again after his role in the series “Hwarang”

BTS V’s posts on Weverse


“I didn’t write any post but was looking around just to try to be affectionate

“Even now without any difference I miss, feel affectionate towards and long for the people called ARMY so much more





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